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Sensaphone Model SAT4D
Sensors and Accessories

sensaphone FGD-0006 FGD-0006
Sensaphone FGD-0007 FGD-0007
Sensaphone FGD-0013 FGD-0013
Sensaphone FGD-0022 FGD-0022
Sensaphone FGD-0027 FGD-0027
Sensaphone FGD-0049B FGD-0049-B
Sensaphone FGD-0054 FGD-0054
Sensaphone FGD-0056 FGD-0056
Sensaphone FGD-0063 FGD-0063
FGD-0067 FGD-0067
FGD-0100 FGD-0100
FGD-0222 FGD-0222

Sensaphone SAT4D Monitor Anything, Anywhere, and know where it is.

Check out the updated version of our SAT4D Remote Satellite Monitor! The entire product now comes in one NEMA-4X weatherproof enclosure and comes standard with user replaceable batteries. The web interface is also new and improved!

Built In: Battery, GPS Location.

Inputs: Four dry contacts.

Outputs: None.

Notifications: Eight voice phone calls, plus six e-mail messages.

Special Features: Two status messages per day, 3+ year AA Lithium Batteries


Sensaphone Model SAT4D Products

Part #

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Sensaphone Model SAT4D Accessories

Part #

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Magnetic Reed Switch FGD-0006 Buy NOW
Infra-Red Motion Detector FGD-0007 Buy NOW
Spot Water Detector FGD-0013 Buy NOW
Temp Alert FGD-0022 Buy NOW
Humidistat FGD-0027 Buy NOW
Smoke Detector 110VAC with Battery Backup FGD-0049-B Buy NOW
PowerOut Alert MODEL PS-110 FGD-0054 Buy NOW
Zone Water Detector FGD-0056 Buy NOW
Extra 10' Water Detection Rope FGD-0063 Buy NOW
Surge Suppressor for Power & Phone FGD-0067 Buy NOW
2.8K Type Room Temperature Sensor FGD-0100 Buy NOW
Float Switch FGD-0222 Buy NOW
Sensaphone SAT4D Pole Mount Kit FGD-SAT4D-PKIT Buy NOW
Sensaphone SAT4D One Year Communication Service FGD-SAT1Y Buy NOW

Sensaphone SAT4D

The Sensaphone SAT4D is designed to monitor remote sites no matter where they are located. Instead of relying on phone lines or cell phone services which are not always available, the SAT4D uses direct satellite communications. The result is 100% communication coverage across the United States as well as many other countries. No need to worry about coverage maps, compatible carriers, analog vs. digital, weak signal strength, adding hi-gain antennas, or anything else. It works everywhere, plain and simple.

Alarm Inputs
The Sensaphone SAT4D can monitor up to 4 dry contact inputs for alarms. Each input can be either normally open or normally closed. User programmable recognition times can be set individually for each input.

Alarm Notification
When an alarm occurs on any of the inputs, the SAT4D sends a message via satellite that is delivered to the Sensaphone servers. From there, up to eight custom voice phone calls are made to notify the appropriate personnel of the alarm. Up to six email messages can also be sent for alarms.

Not only does the SAT4D make your communication easy, but it also takes away your power source worries too. The SAT4D remote monitoring system requires no power at all. Mount it, connect your sensors, and walk away. The SAT4D includes four AA Lithium batteries that will operate for approximately 3 years wihout power. Place it anywhere, and only come back every three years to change the battery.

Web Interface
All communications to and from the SAT4D go through the Sensaphone SAT4D server. You can log in to your account on the SAT4D website at any time to check the latest status, to check previous alarm events, or to make programming changes.

Automatic Status Updates
In addition to sending out alarm events, the SAT4D will automatically send two status reports per day to the website. The history of these 12 hour snapshots remain available on the SAT4D server for future reference.

In addition to the remote monitoring and alarm notification features, the SAT4D also includes GPS location technology. This allows the option to monitor mobile assets, or just the convenience of seeing exactly where all your remote sites are located.

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