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Pressure Measurement Remote Seals

ABB, world leader in remote seal manufacturing, is proud to offer a wide range of models that helps users in finding the most appropriate application solution.

The great number of diaphragm materials, process connections and filling fluids highlights ABB passion for research and its commitment to satisfy customers’ needs.

S26 line, together with 266 pressure transmitter family represents high reliability combining the exceptional features of the 266 series for gauge, absolute and differential pressure measurement. S26 line allows optimum design for each application without compromising transmitters’ performances.

S264 Remote seals for 264 pressure transmitters. The world’s best standard product selection for diaphragm materials ranging from 316L stainless steel to Hastelloy® C-2000 alloys.

Remote seal for 364 pressure transmitters. Combining the comprehensive diaphragm materials of the S264 with the all-in-one transmitter 364 series, ABB offers the most dynamic performances as standard catalog selections extending your plant assets further with our exclusive all-welded technology.

S261 Remote seals for 261 compact class pressure transmitters. Total reliability at line pressures down to full vacuum.

S265 Remote seals for 265 pressure transmitters. Economically feasible solutions for the most demanding services. A wide range of remote seal types are available, which allows optimum design for each application without compromising performance.

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