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ABB Orifice ABB Orifice flowmeter

New orifice flowmeter can cut installation costs by 50 percent

ABB, the world leading power and automation technology group announce that the cost of installing orifice plate flow meters has been cut by up to half with the launch of ABB's OriMaster Compact Orifice DP flow meter. The latest in ABB's new FlowMaster range, the OriMaster is a one-piece flow meter that comes fully factory configured and pressure tested, solving many of the problems associated with sizing, selection, installation and operation of conventional orifice plate installations.

ABB Orifice Compact Orifice FlowMeter

OriMaster FPD500, Compact Orifice FlowMeter

OriMaster is a Compact Orifice Flowmeter that combines a wafer-mounted orifice carrier, integral manifold and transmitter into a single, fully-codable, orifice-based flowmeter. OriMaster is supplied in two versions – one for volumetric flow and one for mass (or corrected volume) flow.

  • One-stop source for the complete Orifice meter package
    – Purchase all the components from one supplier using a single ordering code, saving $$ in procurement and order-progressing activities. Ensures application suitability for the DP transmitter and the primary DP device.
  • Enhanced reliability, reduced maintenance
    – As a one-piece flowmeter, pressure tested at the factory, problems during commissioning and operation associated with impulse line leakage - as well as installation errors - are virtually eliminated.
  • Low cost maintenance
    – Pressure-tested in the factory for leak prevention
    – Removable orifice plates for on site, low cost solutions to changes in process data or element wear/damage
ABB Orifice Compact integral orifice flowmeter

FPD510 IOMaster, Compact integral orifice flowmeter

IOMaster is a fully coded, one-piece flowmeter that combines the features and benefits of integral orifice metering with a 3- or 5- valve instrument manifold and the latest ABB DP and multivariable transmitters. IOMaster joins OriMaster, WedgeMaster and PitoMaster to form the new compact DP family. IOMaster is available in sizes DN15, DN25 and DN40 (½, 1 and 1½ in.) and is designed for metering small flowrates of clean liquids or gases in relatively small pipelines .

  • Versatile metering package for low flowrates and small pipelines
    – Available with or without upstream/downstream pipework; wide choice of orifice plate bores gives a range of DP and pressure loss values to suit application conditions
  • Enhanced Reliability, reduced maintenance
    – As a one-piece flowmeter, pressure tested at the factory, problems during commissioning and operation associated with impulse line leakage
    – As well as installation errors - are virtually eliminated.
Wyatt Orifice Plate Wyatt orifice Plate

Wyatt Orifice Plate - OFP

Differential producers, specifically orifice plates, are used in flow measurement due to their simplicity, ease of installation, tolerance to extreme atmospheric and process conditions, and predictable and reliable performance. Orifice plates are the most common method of differential pressure flow measurement and are used in various industries, particularly in the hydrocarbon market.

Common installations include:

Natural Gas Transmission
Chemical and Pharmaceutical
Power Generation
Refinery and Petrochemical


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