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Industrial Data Radios

Data radios are used to extend a communication network. Serial radios connect a Modbus control system to one or more DX80 Gateway devices acting as Modbus slaves. Data streams appearing on the serial input of one radio within the network are reproduced on the serial outputs of all other radios in the same wireless network. Ethernet data radios are used to create point to multipoint wireless Ethernet networks.

Wireless I/O Nodes for Industrial Sensor Networks

Nodes are slave devices within Banner's wireless sensor networks. Sensors and other devices connect to the Node's inputs or outputs. The Node collects the data and wirelessly transmits it to the Gateway.

Wireless I/O Gateways for Industrial Sensor Networks

A SureCross Gateway is the wireless network master device used to control network timing, schedule communication traffic, and hold the configuration for the entire I/O sensor network. Similar to how a gateway device on a wired network acts as a “portal” between networks, the SureCross Gateway acts as the portal between the wireless network and the central control process.

sensaphone sat4d

Sensaphone SAT4D

The SAT4D System Allows you to Monitor Anything, Anywhere, and know where it is.

Watching over a remote site can be a challenge when the location is very remote. The New Sensaphone SAT4D is designed to monitor remote sites no matter where they are located. Instead of relying on phone lines or cell phone services which are not always available, the SAT4D uses direct satellite communications. The result is 100% communication coverage across the United States as well as many other countries, too. No need to worry about cell phone coverage maps, which carriers are in the area, or analog vs. digital support. It works everywhere, plain and simple.

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