Flow meters, controllers, and chart recorders



Flow Measurement:
Variable Area Flowmeters, Coriolis Mass Flowmeters, Electro-Magnetic Flowmeters, Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Vortex/Swirl Flowmeters, Wedgemeter/Primary Flow DP.

Analytical Instruments:
Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Oxygen/Combustion Analyzers, pH/Redox (ORP), Water Analyzers, Zirconia Oxygen.

Pressure Transmitters & Sensors:
Multivariable Transmitters, Pneumatic Pressure Transmitters/Seals, Safety Critical Transmitters, Smart Transmitters/Seals.

Valve Actuators & Positioners:
Actuators, Positioners/Converters.

Recorders & Indicators: Circular Chart Recorders, Digital Indicators, Strip Chart Recorders, Videographic Recorders.

Temperature Measurement Products:
Process Controllers: Single-Loop: Single-loop Controllers.

Level products:
Float Sensing, Guided Wave Radar, Magnetic Level Gauge, Magnetostrictive Level, RF Capacitance, Thermal Dispersion Switch, Vibrating Fork Switch, Ultrasonic, Laser Level, and Pressure Transmitters.

abb products


Insertion Turbine Flow Meters, Inline Turbine Flow Meters, Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Inline Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Thermal Mass Flow Meters, Vortex Flow Meters, Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Display Modules, and BTU Meters.

onicon product
Air Monitor

Measure and control duct airflow and space pressurization in the commercial, industrial and power industries.

isco Teledyne

Water & Wastewater Monitoring: Automatic Water Samplers (portable and refrigerated), Open Channel Flow Meters, Ultrasonic, Sumberged Probe, Bubbler & Area Velocity Flow Meters, Partial & Full Pipe Monitoring.

isco product

Hazardous gas detection systems for combustibles, oxygen deficiency and toxic gases with digital link to central control system for plant-wide monitoring.

smc product
HVAC monitoring

HVAC market only - gas detection, toxic gases, refrigerant leak monitor.

smc product
Eldridge Thermal Mass
Eldridge thermal mass

Insertion and inline thermal mass flowmeters and flow switches. Flow measurement of gasses and air.

Eldridge Thermal Mass
superior chlorinator

Chlorine Analyzers, Gas and chemical feed systems.

superior chlorinator
kpsi measurement specialties

Specializing in cost-effective submersible and above ground transducers as well as data loggers for remote monitoring and collection.

kpsi product

Auto Dialers, Data Loggers, SCADA Systems, Wireless and Satelite Alarm Notification. Web Base Monitoring.


Photo Eyes, Fiber Optic Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Wireless Sensors, Wireless Monitoring Control, Safety Controllers, Safety Light Screens, Safety Switches, Machine Vision, Vision Sensors, Vision Lighting, and Indicator Lights

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