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ABB Vortex Flowmeter ABB Vortex Flowmeter

Vortex Flowmeter

TRIO-WIRL V flow meters are based on the principle of the Karman` Vortex street. The system has a freely configurable, two-line LC display for the actual flowrate and totalisation. Settings can be changed directly via 3 push buttons or via magnet sensors with closed housing. Additional to the 4-20mA analog signal a freely configurable switching output is already available. This can be used universally as pulse output, high-low alarms or for system supervision. TRIO-WIRL Vortex-meter are available as compact or remote design with 10m cable length.

Onicon Vortex Flowmeter Onicon Vortex F-2500 Flowmeter

Vortex Flowmeter F-2500

The ONICON F-2500 Series Vortex Flow Meter is a flexible design that provides accurate, reliable flow measurement in a wide variety of demanding applications. A unique two stage bluff body/sensor design enhances signal sensitivity and extends the operating range of the meter while protecting the sensors from pressure shocks and solids suspended in the flow stream. The integral temperature sensor and optional pressure sensor allow for accurate direct mass flow measurement in steam and compensated flow measurement in compressed air and gases.

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