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isco open channel flowmeter

Partially Filled Pipe Flow Measurement

Isco flow meters designed to monitor flow in challenging conditions for applications such as:

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial pre-treatment
  • I&I and Billing
  • Surface water and Stormwater monitoring
  • CSO and SSO
  • Full pipe monitoring

No single measurement technology is suitable for all open channel flow monitoring applications. Only Isco offers you a choice of ultrasonic, submerged probe, bubbler, and area velocity flow meters.

isco laserflow open channel flowmeter

LaserFlow™ Non-contact Velocity Sensor

The LaserFlow remotely measures flow in open channels with non-contact Laser Doppler Velocity technology and non-contact Ultrasonic Level technology. The sensor uses advanced technology to measure velocity with a laser beam at single or multiple points below the surface of the wastewater stream.

The LaserFlow is ideal for a broad range of wastewater monitoring applications. It is compatible with both the Teledyne Isco Signature Flow Meter and the Teledyne Isco 2160 LaserFlow Module, depending on the type of installation.

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pulsar logo pulsar ultra3


Ultra 3 and Ultra 5
Ultra 3 and 5 represent the leading edge of ultrasonic level measurement and control. Sophisticated, full function controllers with either 3 (Ultra 3) or 5 (Ultra 5) control/alarm relays and mA output. Wall, fascia, panel or rack mount, Ultra 3 and 5 units provide large displays with intuitive and straightforward menu programming. An Ultra system consists of a control unit and a transducer, which may be positioned up to 1,600 feet away. Both Ultra 3 and Ultra 5 have the option of bus type digital communications and data logging and, coupled with the dBMACH3 transducer which offers a virtual zero dead zone to 8.2 feet range.

pulsar logo pulsar flowcert


FlowCERT with DUET sensor
FlowCERT and DUET achieve the highest possible accuracy in open channel measurement and includes 5 control/alarm relays, mA output, plus data logging facilities. With the highly-accuracy temperature independent DUET transducer, which uses two transducers to dynamically compensates for any changes in the speed of sound between the transducers and liquid surface, making solar radiation issues a thing of the past. Typical accuracy is 0.02 inches.

pulsar logo Pulsar Flowcert speed


FlowCERT with Speedy Velocity sensor
FlowCERT is a complete solution for high-accuracy measurement of open channel flows where no primary measurement device (PMD) exists. The FlowCERT offers 5 control/alarm relays, mA output and data logging facilities. Teamed with the Speedy Velocity sensor where it provides the velocity measurement for velocity x head calculations. The Speedy has a range of +/- 20ft/s and works in conjunction with either the dBMACH3 or DUET transducers.

Echo Flow Hunter Echo Flow Hunter

Flow Hunter II and XDS 03 Transducer - Ultrasonic Open Channel Flowmeter

The Flow Hunter II provides non-contacting ultrasonic open channel flow measurement with the latest digital echo processing for superb performance. It can accurately measure to +/- 0.25% of measured range or 6 mm (whichever is greater).

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