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VALVE AUTOMATION - Part-Turn, Linear and Pneumatic Actuators

abb Pneumatic Actuators abb Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic Actuators

Type UP Pneumatic Universal Rotary Actuators regulate dampers, fan inlet vanes, lever-operated valves, turbine governors, fluid drives and other final control elements.
The control signals provide modulating or on/off control power to position devices through mechanical linkage or by direct coupling.

Types UP1 and UP2 actuators include a double-acting rotary vane power unit. Types UP3, UP4, UP5 and UP6 actuators include a double-acting piston with a motion conversion mechanism to convert linear to rotary motion.


abb Part-Turn Actuators ABB Part-Turn Actuators

Part-Turn Actuators

Part-turn actuators with rated torque of 100 Nm ... 16000 Nm for the operation of final control elements with preferably 90° rotary movement such as flaps, cocks, dampers, etc.

A lever / linkage bar assembly transfers the torque or the actuator is directly coupled to the cock flange.

  • Part-Turn Actuators PME/RHD: 100 to 2500 Nm (standard)
  • Part-Turn Actuators PME/RHD: 4000 to 16000 Nm (standard)
  • Pneumatic Part-Turn Actuators

Explosion proof (new)

  • Part-Turn Actuators RHDE: 250 to 1250 Nm (explosion proof)
  • Part-Turn Actuators RHDE: 4000 to 16000 Nm (explosion proof)

abb Linear Actuators ABB Linear Actuators

Linear Actuators

Electric linear actuators of the LME... / RSD ... series are the optimal solution for the operation of final control elements with preferably linear movement. The internal rotary / linear conversion is done virtually wear-free and the actuator thrust rod transfers the force directly to the final control element.

Linear actuators of the RSDE… series are designed for the use in hazardous areas. They are controlled via standard electronic units, loaded with specific data for the explosion-proof actuators. These units for field or rack installation are installed in the non-hazardous area.

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