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ABB magnetic flowmeter Fischer & Porter magnetic flowmeter

WaterMaster Magnetic Flowmeters

The Electromagnetic Flowmeter WaterMaster is the ultimate solution for flow measurement and management in sectors as diverse as water, waste water, sewage and effluent. Its performance adheres to the most stringent global industry standards and is certified to key international approvals. Proven in the toughest applications, WaterMaster’s rugged, robust and buriable sensors eliminate the need of expensive meter chambers. Thereby, it provides a long, productive and maintenance-free asset life. Take advantage of its innovative and versatile attributes to achieve interoperability within a wide range of asset management systems.

  • Superior control through advanced sensor design
  • Submersible and buriable installation options
  • Improved performance through digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Intuitive navigation and configuration
  • Speed, ease and security in the field
  • Detailed diagnostics for rapid decision making
  • Powerful and flexible transmitter
  • Size range DN 10 ... DN 2400 (3/8 ... 96 in.)


ABB ProcessMaster 500 Fischer & Porter magnetic flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter ProcessMaster 500

The modular design of the ProcessMaster 500 offers the industry’s widest range of liners, electrodes and sizes to meet the needs of even the most demanding process applications in sectors as diverse as chemical, power, oil & gas, pulp & paper and metals & mining.

With ProcessMaster 500 you get a versatile, reasonably priced, most accurate flow meter tailored for your applications. A flowmeter with extended functionality and options. A meter with a short delivery and a simple and clearly understandable documentation.

ABB insertion magnetic flowmeter Fischer & Porter magnetic flowmeter

Magnetic Insertion Flowmeters

Insertion-Type Electromagnetic Probe Flowmeter

Aquaprobe is an economic alternative to full bore flow meters. It comprises an electromagnetic sensing head mounted on the end of a support rod. Aquaprobe finds application in existing water distribution systems where provision for flow metering was not originally made and where a full bore flow meter would be uneconomic.

The assembly can be installed in existing pipelines without the need for major excavations or alterations to pipe work normally associated with the installation full bore meters.

onicon magnetic flowmeter onicon magnetic flowmeter

F-3000 Series Magnetic Flowmeters

The F-3000 Electromagnetic Flow Meters are available in sizes from ¼" to 48" and will be factory-configured for ease of installation and start-up. Typical applications include monitoring of cooling water, heating water, condenser water and domestic water.

Standard Features:

Highly Accurate
Individually wet-calibrated with flow measurement accuracy from 0.2% to 0.4% of reading, depending on the transmitter type.

Simple Installation and Commissioning
Each meter is factory programmed and ready for use upon delivery.

Low Maintenance
No moving parts and durable construction provide years of
maintenance-free service.

Typical Applications
The F-3000 is ideal for chilled water, hot water, domestic water, condenser water and boiler feeds.




onicon magnetic flowmeter onicon insertion mag meter F-3500

F-3500 Series Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meters

The F-3500 Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter is suitable for use in pipes ranging in size from 1¼" to 72" in diameter. It features ONICON's unique hot tap design that allows for easy insertion or removal from the pipe without the use of special tools and without disrupting flow. The low maintenance design is provided ready-to-use without the need for field programming.

The FB-3500 Electromagnetic Flow Meter is available for bi-directional flow applications. It provides an analog output for flow rate, a contact closure output to indicate flow direction and separate pulse outputs to totalize forward and reverse flow.

Typical Applications
The F-3500 is ideal for chilled water, hot water, domestic water, condenser water and municipal water applications.

onicon magnetic flowmeter onicon insertion mag meter FB-3500

FB-3500 Bi-Directional Insertional Electromagnetic Flow Meter with analog output

ONICON’s FB-3500 series bi-directional insertion electromagnetic flow meters are suitable for measuring electrically conductive liquids in a wide variety of applications. Each FB-3500 provides a single analog output for ow rate, a high resolution frequency output to drive peripheral devices, two scalable pulse outputs for totalization, a contact closure output for ow direction and an empty pipe alarm signal. Optional remote displays and BTU measurement systems are also available.


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