Flow meters, controllers, and chart recorders


ABB Pressure transmitter ABB Pressure transmitter

Pressure Measurement

Multi-sensor technology for multi-variable applications.

The multiplicity of pressure transmitters and application capabilities from ABB allows you to standardize transmitter installations - plant-wide. Configuration is always easy, so that instrument integrity is maintained.

Keller Level Keller pressure transmitter

Digital Pressure Gauges

Keller digital pressure gauges (a.k.a. digital manometers) are a cost-effective solution in any pressure monitoring scenario where a local display is required. Features include min/max display, selectable units, 5 kHz scan rate for transient capture and data recording.

These Swiss-built instruments are commonly used as fuel pressure gauges, water pressure gauges and oil pressure gauges. Almost any installation previously utilizing mechanical or hydraulic pressure gauges can benefit from an upgrade to Keller technology. Manufactured 100% in-house, Keller products incorporate advanced pressure sensor technology combined with the latest in microprocessor-based electronics, resulting in outstanding performance over a wide temperature range at reasonable cost. Whether troubleshooting hydraulics systems or setting up an air-suspension on a military vehicle, Keller digital pressure gauges make the job easier, and they last!

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