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SMC Smart Toxics Gas Sensor Module SMC Smart Toxics Gas Sensor Module

Smart Toxics Gas Sensor Module (IT Series)

Best in Class Smart Toxics Gas Sensor

180 day Calibration Interval

Network enabled toxic gas sensor module

As with all the IT Series Gas Sensor Modules the Toxics IT meets the needs of integrators industry-wide to incorporated hazardous gas monitoring information into their plant-wide safety and process system.

Oxygen deficiency – 5100-03-IT

Carbon Monoxide – 5100-04-IT

Hydrogen Sulfide – 5100-05-IT

Chlorine – 5100-06-IT

The IT Toxic Series Gas Sensor Modules utilize proven electrochemical technology to monitor for toxic gases or oxygen deficiency. IT Modules require minimal maintenance. Continuous self-diagnostics will automatically detect and indicate any fault condition. This gas sensor module interfaces directly with the Sierra Monitor Sentry Controller via the Sentry digital bus or to other devices using RS-485 Modbus RTU communications.

SMC Sentry IT 32 CVontroller SMC Sentry IT 32 CVontroller

Sentry IT 32 Channel Controller

Sierra Monitor's Sentry IT 32 Channel Controller is a powerful network-enabled hazardous gas detection system controller that can operate up to 32 detectors and interface with devices over Modbus RTU, analog 4-20 mA, Sentry PSG Bus, and conventional dry contact. As part of the Sentry IT line, the Sentry IT Controller is compatible with the Classic Sentry, Sentry IT detectors, such as the 5100-XX-IT series, and other third party sensors and devices.

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