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Turbidity Systems

Suitable for turbidity monitoring in raw water and effluent discharge applications. The 4670 combines the latest photodiode technology with the power and reliability of the 4600 Series transmitter.

ABB Turbidity Systems 4690 Series Turbidity Systems, EPA compliant

4690 Series Turbidity Systems
EPA- and ISO-compliant turbidity measurement

The measurement of turbidity is a critical measurement in drinking water as it is used to indicate water quality and filtration effectiveness (for example, whether disease-causing organisms are present). ABB's 4690 range of turbidity systems have been designed specifically for the measurement of turbidity throughout the potable water treatment process.

  • Flow-through turbidity design
    — Fast response to process turbidity changes due to minimal sample residence time
    — Compliant to ISO Method 7027
  • Automatic sensor cleaning
    — Reduces maintenance requirements
    — Optimizes performance sensitivity
  • Secondary standards for calibration verification
    — Accurate, repeatable, safe, simple
    — Realize significant cost savings by reducing the use of primary standards
  • Simple to use and maintain
    — Intuitive, user-friendly design
    — Simple-to-perform annual service
  • Reliable and accurate measurement
    — Ultralow back scatter for accurate measurement of low turbidity values
    — Automatic bubble rejection to compensate for erroneous readings due to degassing
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