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Sensaphone IMS-4000 & IMS-4010
Sensors and Accessories

SCD-1200 IMS-4001
Sensaphone FGD-0222 FGD-0250
IMS-4010 IMS-4010
IMS-4010 IMS-4310
IMS-4407 IMS-4407
IMS-4424 IMS-4424
IMS-4810 IMS-4810
IMS-4811 IMS-4811
IMS-4812 IMS-4812
IMS-4813 IMS-4813
IMS-4814 IMS-4814
IMS-4815 IMS-4815
IMS-4816 IMS-4816
IMS-4820 IMS-4820
IMS-4821 IMS-4821
IMS-4816 IMS-4816
IMS-4820 IMS-4820
IMS-4821 IMS-4821
IMS-4830 IMS-4830
IMS-4831 IMS-4831
IMS-4840 IMS-4840
IMS-4841 IMS-4841
IMS-4842 IMS-4842
IMS-4850 IMS-4850
IMS-4851 IMS-4851
IMS-4860 IMS-4860
IMS-4861 IMS-4861
IMS-4862 IMS-4862
IMS-4863 IMS-4863


Sensaphone IMS-4000
(Monitoring with integrated voice and modem, internal UPS, flash-disk storage, and web server. all in a simple-to-install 1U rack-mountable package)

Built-in Power failure, Sound level.

Inputs 8 per each host and node.

Outputs 0 (optional Powergate).

Notifications E-mail, SNMP trap, voice phone call, fax, text message, numeric pager.

Special Features Live webserver, rack mount, expandable, ethernet with phone backup, IP monitoring.

The IMS-4000 Dry Contact Node

The IMS-4000 Dry Contact Node provides eight dry contact inputs (normally open/normally closed) and works in conjunction with the IMS Host. The device communicates with the IMS-4000 Host via its Ethernet connection. This device includes four AA rechargeable NiMH batteries for power backup in the event of a power failure. Both main power and battery charge are monitored and can be programmed to trip alarms as well. The unit comes in a black plastic enclosure with tabs for wall mounting. Rubber feet are also included for placement on a shelf/desktop.

sensaphone ims 4000
Wireless Sensors Now Available. Contact Us for Details.

sensaphone ims 4000 dry conect

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Sensaphone IMS 4000 Products

Part #

See Our Prices

IMS-4000 Enterprise Monitoring Host Unit IMS-4001 $1,795.50

Sensaphone IMS 4000 Accessories

Part #

See Our Prices

Ethernet-to-WiFi Adapter Accessory FGD-0250 $119.00
Enterprise Monitoring Node Expansion Unit IMS-4002 $719.10
Sensaphone IMS-4000 Enterprise Monitoring Node Expantion Unit for 220VAC IMS-4003 $764.10
IMS-4000 Node w/Dry Contact Inputs IMS-4010 $494.10
IMS-4000 Node w/Dry Contact Inputs for 220VAC IMS-4010-INT $512.10
IMS-4000 Dual Relay Output Module IMS-4310 $220.50
IMS-4000 DB9 Null Modem Cable IMS-4407 $8.25
IP Camera IMS-4424 $249.00
IMS Room Temperature Sensor IMS-4810 $80.10
IMS Room Temperature Sensor (F) w/LCD Readout IMS-4811 $220.50
IMS Mini Temperature Sensor - F IMS-4812 $62.10
IMS Mini Temperature Sensor - C IMS-4812-C $62.10
IMS Room Temperature Sensor ( C) w/LCD Readout IMS-4813 $220.50
IMS Ultra Low Temperature Sensor -85 Deg C IMS-4814 $116.10
IMS Ultra Low Temp Sensor w/Traceable Calibration Cert IMS-4814-NIST $188.10
IMS Temperature w/ Glass Bead Vial IMS-4815 $134.10
IMS Solution Ultra Low Temperature Sensor in Glass Bead Vial & NIST IMS-4815-NIST $224.10
IMS External Probe Temperature Sensor IMS-4816 $98.10
IMS Humidity Sensor IMS-4820 $98.10
IMS Humidity Sensor w/LCD Readout IMS-4821 $265.50
IMS Water Sensor w/10' Water Rope IMS-4830 $129.60
Extra 10' Water Detection Rope IMS-4831 $81.00
IMS Power Sensor (110/220VAC) IMS-4840 $125.10
IMS AC Current Sensor, up to 15 Amps, C13/C14 IMS-4841 $166.50
IMS AC Current Sensor, up to 20 Amps, C19/C20 IMS-4842 $179.10
IMS Dry Contact Bridge IMS-4850 $55.80
IMS 4-20mA Bridge IMS-4851 $143.10
IMS Door Switch IMS-4860 $53.10
IMS Passive Infrared Motion Sensor IMS-4861 $80.10
IMS Smoke Detector IMS-4862 $80.10
IMS Airflow Sensor IMS-4863 $107.10

Sensaphone IMS-4000

(Monitoring with integrated voice and modem, internal UPS, flash-disk storage, and web server. all in a simple-to-install 1U rack-mountable package)

Whether you have a small room, or a large data center, the Sensaphone IMS-4000 System provides complete monitoring for your computer facility. It is designed to monitor your entire infrastructure, which includes the environment, the physical security, and the network operation.

The Sensaphone IMS-4000 system is a stand alone infrastructure monitoring system with an integrated voice and modem, an internal UPS, flash-disk storage, and a web server, in a simple-to-install 1U rackmountable package. From the wide array of its plug-and-play monitoring devices to its sophisticated software, the IMS-4000 is a complete, flexible, integrated system.

Environmental Monitoring
Monitor critical environmental conditions such as Temperature, Humidity, Smoke, Sound Level, Motion, Water, Intrusion, and Power Outages with the IMS-4000 Host and Node. Each Host and Node unit supports up to eight Environmental Sensors. When a sensor exceeds the threshold you configure— high temperature for example—you are notified by the IMS-4000 about the condition. Lights on the face of the IMS Host instantly reveal any outstanding problems. With sound level monitoring you can be notified if an audible alarm goes off, and you can remotely listen in, via the Host unit, to the server room to assess the situation yourself at any time.

IP Monitoring
The IMS-4000 monitors IP Devices through pinging and port availability. When a network component becomes unavailable, the IMS-4000 notifies you about which IP device is unavailable. You can monitor the status of network links, routers, printers and servers—any device which has an IP address. Each IMS-4000 Host and Node can monitor up to 64 devices. When a device does not respond to the IMS query, it contacts you immediately to alert you to the situation.

When a problem occurs in your network, the IMS-4000 will find you and notify you of the problem no matter where you are. Multiple communication interfaces— Ethernet port and standard telephone interface— guarantee that you get the message. You receive early notification before a problem turns into a disaster. The integrated modem / voice interface of the IMS-4000 Host means network events and environmental problems are sent to you in your own voice. When all you have is a phone, you will still know what’s going on in your network. You get the message fast.

Curious about your network? You can always obtain status information about your infrastructure—anytime, anywhere. Call into the IMS-4000 using your computer’s standard dial-up networking. The IMS Console software operates the same remotely as it does locally for complete management and control of your IMS system. If you’re not near a computer, then just pick up any phone and call into the IMS-4000: It will tell you in a real voice report the status of all conditions.

Wireless Sensors Now Available for the IMS-4000. Contact Us for Details.

Sensaphone IMS-4000 Host


Introducing the Sensaphone IMS-4000, a stand-alone infrastructure monitoring system with integrated voice and modem, internal UPS, flash-disk storage, and a web server, in a simple-to-install 1U-rackmountable package. From the wide array of its plug-and-play monitoring devices to its sophisticated software, the IMS-4000 is the complete, flexible, integrated system.

  • Get critical environmental status information, such as temperature trouble, humidity problems, power outages, unauthorized access, and more, sent directly to you.
  • Receive instant notification through a voice telephone call, an alpha-pager message, an e-mail message, an SNMP trap, or a fax report.
  • Monitor important IP devices in single rooms, in buildings, across the city, even across the country.
  • Control power to your equipment.
  • Scale your needs to match your growing infrastructure. Monitor one room or an entire network. Add up to 32 networked IMS devices.

Sensaphone IMS-4000 Node

Extend your monitoring capability across multiple locations with the IMS-4000 Node. Each Node offers 64 more IP addresses, 8 more environmental sensors and additional power monitoring to your system.

Each IMS-4000 Host can manage up to 31 Nodes, giving you the capacity to monitor 256 environmental elements, 2048 IP addresses and power in 32 separate locations.

Sensaphone IMS-4000 Powergate

Ideally suited to allow remote rebooting of network equipment, the IMS-4000 PowerGate is a rack-mounted, intelligently controlled outlet strip.

Each of the eight outlets on the PowerGate can be automatically or manually switched on or off via the IMS-4000 Host or Node.The unit supplies a maximum of 15 Amps of current and is protected by a 15 Amp breaker.

Rebooting can be accomplished via e-mail, telephone, or through events which occur in your network.

Sensaphone IMS-4000 Sensors


Each IMS Solution Sensor connects to the Host or Node input with an RJ-45 jack. Because the sensors utilize your existing Category-5 structured wiring system, no special wiring or schematics are needed to install them. Simply locate where you want to place a sensor, attach a standard patch cable, plug it into your patch panel and do the same in your server room to connect your sensor to the IMS-4000. It’s no different than wiring up a workstation or a printer.

Once connected, the IMS-4000 will automatically recognize the type of sensor installed and configure it for you, using a standard template that you can modify. Because the IMS-4000 supplies power and configuration data for each sensor, the IMS-4000 can detect faults with your sensors: If there’s a cable disruption or your sensor is accidentally unplugged, you’ll know it.

Each IMS Host or Node attaches to your Ethernet network via the IMS Network Interface for monitoring of your network events. *

Accessories and sensors in this section are only compatible with IMS-4000.




Whether your monitoring needs are a single server room or a wide area-network, IMS-4000 is the solution that will grow with your needs.

Each IMS-4000 network begins with an IMS-4000 Host unit. From the Host you can network additional remote monitoring Nodes, extending the reach of your IMS Solution.

  • Each Host supports up to 31 IMS-4000 Nodes
  • Host and Node each monitor 8 environment conditions
  • Supports 64 IP addresses per Host and Node
  • Internal battery backup
  • 1U rack-mountable configuration, or wall-mountable
  • 230/115v auto-power sensing
  • 100% Fault Tolerant: The IMS-4000 Host and Node have no moving components—non-volatile storage eliminates disk problems.
  • Internal UPS: Each unit contains its own internal UPS so that power failures will not stop it from getting the message out when your infrastructure is in trouble.
  • Cable failure: The IMS-4000 even senses the condition of cable connections. If a cable failure occurs in your infrastructure, you’ll be notified immediately.
  • Monitor more than your network: With the use of the IMS Dry Contact Bridge, you can monitor devices outside your network that affect its environment, such as air conditioners and UPS systems.
  • Data Logging: Full event-history and trending are provided with the IMS-4000 Data Logging feature. Userselectable sampling lets you store critical information about your infrastructure by the minute, hour or day. Data can be used for graphing, database or auditing and review.


Shipping Weight 4 lbs.
Batteries 12V 2.9Ah Sealed Gel Cell
Telephone Connection FCC approved RJ-11 plug-in modular connector with 6' cord
Operating Temperature Range Unit should be kept between 32 to 120° F
Temperature Sensing Range -109º F to 140°F with remote temperature sensor NRTL listed for compliance with U.L. Standard 60950-1

Host Operating Specifications

Temperature: 221 – 23° F
Humidity: 5-90% RH non-condensing
Power Supply: 90-260VAC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 25 Watts
Power Connection: IEC 320
Dimensions: 1.75" H x 9.5" D x 19" W
Backup Battery: 12V 2.9 AH Sealed Gel Cell
Backup Time: 3.5 Hours

Host Communications Specifications

Ethernet: 10/100 Base-T, 10/100Mbs
RS-232: DB9, 9600bps, DTE
Modem: 33.6Kbps
Fax: Group 3, 14.4Kbps
Voice Processor: Yes

Host Environmental Monitoring

Internal Monitoring: AC Power (True RMS Voltage), Backup Battery Level, Sound Level (in dB)
Number of Sensor Ports: 8
Sensor Types: Temperature, Humidity, Water, Power, Infrared Motion, Smoke, Dry Contact, 4-20mA
Sensor Input Connector: RJ-45
Sesnor Cables: CAT-5, 568B Cable Length: 1000'
Visual Indicators: LEDs, Normal and Alarm
External Microphone: 3.5mm jack, electret condenser

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