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Sensaphone EXPRESS II
Sensors and Accessories

FGD-6700 FGD-6700
sensaphone FGD-0006 FGD-0006
Sensaphone FGD-0007 FGD-0007
Sensaphone FGD-0022 FGD-0013
Sensaphone FGD-0022 FGD-0022
Sensaphone FGD-0027 FGD-0027
Sensaphone FGD-0049B FGD-0049-B
sensaphone FGD-0053 FGD-0052
FGD-0052-OD FGD-0052-OD
sensaphone FGD-0053 FGD-0053
Sensaphone FGD-0054 FGD-0054
sensaphone FGD-0056 FGD-0056
FGD-0059-OD FGD-0059-OD
sensaphone FGD-0063 FGD-0063
sensaphone FGD-0065 FGD-0065
sensaphone FGD-0066 FGD-0066
sensaphone FGD-0067 FGD-0067
sensaphone FGD-0068 FGD-0068
FGD-0068-OD FGD-0068-OD
FGD-0069 FGD-0069
FGD-0070 FGD-0070
Sensaphone FGD-0090 FGD-0090
Sensaphone FGD-0101 FGD-0101
sensaphone FGD-0101-NIST FGD-0101-NIST
sensaphone FGD-0102 FGD-0102
sensaphone FGD-0103 FGD-0103
sensaphone FGD-0103 FGD-0104
sensaphone FGD-0105 FGD-0105
FGD-0107-TEF FGD-0107-TEF
FGD-0120 FGD-0120
FGD-0127 FGD-0127
FGD-0127-TEF FGD-0127-TEF
sensaphone FGD-0220 FGD-0220
Sensaphone FGD-0222 FGD-0222
FGD-0223-1 FGD-0223-1
FGD-0223-4 FGD-0223-4
FGD-0240 FGD-0240
FGD-0240-14-SPEC FGD-0240-14-SPEC
Sensaphone FGD-0301 FGD-0301
Sensaphone FGD-0302 FGD-0302
Sensaphone FGD-0302-DUCT FGD-0302-DUCT
Sensaphone FGD-0302-ROOM FGD-0302-ROOM
Sensaphone FGD-0305 FGD-0305
Sensaphone FGD-0315 FGD-0315
FGD-0320 FGD-0320
FGD-0321 FGD-0321
FGD-0322 FGD-0322



Sensaphone Express II

Built-in: Power failure, Sound level, Backup Battery Voltage.

Inputs: Expandable up to 40 Inputs 8 Universal included: Dry Contact, Temperature, 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, Run Time, Pulse Count.

Outputs: 1 Form-A Relay included, expandable up to 17.

Notifications: 48 custom voice or numeric pager numbers.

Special Features: NEMA-4X Sealed weatherproof housing, input expandability.

sensaphone Express II FGD-6700

Sensaphone EXPRESS II

Part #

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Sensaphone Express II FGD-6700 Buy NOW

Sensaphone EXPRESS II Accessories

Part #

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Magnetic Reed Switch FGD-0006 Buy NOW
Infra-Red Motion Detector FGD-0007 Buy NOW
Spot Water Detector FGD-0013 Buy NOW
Temp Alert FGD-0022 Buy NOW
Humidistat FGD-0027 Buy NOW
Smoke Detector 110VAC with Battery Backup FGD-0049-B Buy NOW
Humidity 4-20mA Transmitter FGD-0052 Buy NOW
4-20mA Type Outdoor Humidity Transmitter FGD-0052-OD Buy NOW
24VDC Power Supply (for FGD-0065) FGD-0053 Buy NOW
Power Out Alert MODEL PS-110 FGD-0054 Buy NOW
Zone Water Detector FGD-0056 Buy NOW
4-20mA Type Dew Point Sensor FGD-0059-OD Buy NOW
Extra 10' Water Detection Rope FGD-0063 Buy NOW
Carbon Monoxide Detector FGD-0065 Buy NOW
Air Quality Sensor FGD-0066 Buy NOW
Mini Surge Protector - Power and Phone FGD-0067 Buy NOW
Carbon Dioxide Sensor FGD-0068 Buy NOW
4-20mA Type Outdoor CO2 Transmitter FGD-0068-OD Buy NOW
4-20mA Type Duct Mount Air Flow Transmitter FGD-0069 Buy NOW
24VDC Power Supply Accessory for 4-20mA Sensors w/ Battery Backup FGD-0070 Buy NOW
4-20mA Type Soil Moisture Sensor FGD-0090 Buy NOW
2.8K Weatherproof Temperature FGD-0101 Buy NOW
2.8K Weatherproof Temp Sensor w/Traceable Calibration Certificate FGD-0101-NIST Buy NOW
2.8K Ultra Low -85C Temp Sensor w/Teflon wire FGD-0101-TEF Buy NOW
10K Weatherproof Temperature Sensor FGD-0102 Buy NOW
10 K Indoor Decorator Zone Temperature Sensor FGD-0103 Buy NOW
10K Outdoor Air Weatherproof Temperature Sensor FGD-0104 Buy NOW
10K Immersion Temperature Sensor FGD-0105 Buy NOW
Buffer momentary temperature fluctuations FGD-0107 Buy NOW
Buffer momentary temperature fluctuations FGD-0107-GBV Buy NOW
2.8K Ultra Low -85C Temp Sensor w/Glass Bead & Teflon FGD-0107-TEF Buy NOW
2.8K Type Temperature Sensor Display FGD-0120 Buy NOW
2.8K Type Temperature Sensor in Glycol Vial FGD-0127 Buy NOW
2.8K Type Temperature Sensor in Glycol Vial - NIST FGD-0127-NIST Buy NOW
2.8K Type Ultra Low Temperature Sensor in Glycol Bottle - TEF FGD-0127-TEF Buy NOW
2.8K Type Ultra Low Temperature Sensor in Glycol Bottle - TEF - NIST FGD-0127-TEFNIST Buy NOW
J Type Thermocouple/4-20mA Converter FGD-0220 Buy NOW
Float Switch FGD-0222 Buy NOW
4-20mA Type Dual Flow & Temperature Sensor - 1" Probe FGD-0223-1 Buy NOW
4-20mA Type Dual Flow & Temperature Sensor - 4" Probe FGD-0223-4 Buy NOW
RTD Probe with 4-20mA Transmitter FGD-0240 Buy NOW
RTD Probe with 4-20mA Transmitter FGD-0240-14 Buy NOW
RTD Probe with 4-20mA Transmitter FGD-0240-SPEC Buy NOW
Ethernet-to-WiFi Adapter Accessory FGD-0250 Buy NOW
4-20mA Type Pressure Sensor FGD-0301 Buy NOW
4-20mA Type Differential Pressure Sensor FGD-0302 Buy NOW
4-20mA Type Differential Pressure Sensor with Duct Mount Kit FGD-0302-DUCT Buy NOW
4-20mA Type Differential Pressure Sensor with Wall Mount Kit FGD-0302-ROOM Buy NOW
4-20mA Type pH Sensor FGD-0305 Buy NOW
4-20mA Type ORP Sensor FGD-0315 Buy NOW
4-20 Type Toroidal Conductivity Sensor, 0-10mS FGD-0320 Buy NOW
4-20 Type Toroidal Conductivity Sensor, 0-100mS FGD-0321 Buy NOW
4-20 Type Toroidal Conductivity Sensor, 0-1000mS FGD-0322 Buy NOW
VFC Refrigerator Temperature Sensor with Display FGD-VFC-GLY Buy NOW
VFC Refrigerator Temperature Sensor with Display FGD-VFC-GBV Buy NOW

Sensaphone Express II

The robust Sensaphone Express II features advanced monitoring capabilities, plus allows for expansion of to 40 input/output channels. Easy to install, program, and expand, Express II can meet the needs of your system both today and tomorrow.

The Express II is as flexible as your application requires, with features like built-in power failure monitoring, 8 universally-configurable alarm inputs, and an on-board relay output for manual or automatic switching.

It offers a wide range of temperature sensing (-85˚F to 300˚F), 48 user-programmable dial out numbers, and complete remote touch-tone programming capability. Descriptive messages can be recorded for site identification and for each alarm input. Alarm-specific dialing and programmable call schedules allow users to customize the Express II’s dialing process.

The Express II is equipped with a gel-cell rechargeable battery that will provide 12 hours of backup time. The unit is housed in a NEMA-4X fiberglass enclosure with a front panel LCD and dual-color LEDs to indicate input status to on-site personnel. All programming settings and voice message are stored in nonvolatile memory.


Sensaphone Express II FEATURES


  • 8 standard universally configurable inputs
  • 32 additional channels for input/output expansion
  • Built-in power failure and sound level monitoring
  • Built-in relay output for manual or automatic switching
  • Digital speech recording allows the user to record custom ID and input messages
  • Complete programming access using the local keypad or via remote touch-tone phone
  • Dials up to 48 user-programmable phone numbers
  • Alarm specific dialing and phone lists allow the user to customize the dialing process
  • Housed in a NEMA-4 fiberglass enclosure with a 12-hour Gel Cell rechargeable battery backup
  • Front panel LEDs indicate input status to on-site personnel

Sensaphone Express II SPECIFICATIONS


Monitoring Capacity

  • 8 universal input channels standard configurable as:
  • -Normally open dry contact
  • -Normally closed dry contact
  • -Temperature w/ 2.8K or 10K Thermistor
  • -Pulse counter
  • -Time Accumulator
  • -4-20mA analog with custom look up table
  • -0-5 Volt analog with custom look up table
  • Built-In Monitoring
  • -Power failure
  • -High sound level
  • -Backup battery

Output type

  • 1 built in relay, SPST latching 2A 250 VAC

Expansion 32 additional channels available for input/output expansion

Programming All parameters can be programmed from the local keypad or any remote touch-tone phone Speech technology ADPCM 24 kb/s

Message length User selectable 5, 7 or 11 seconds per input channel

Message types 1 recordable ID message 1 recordable alarm message for each input channel

Telephone numbers

  • Total of 48 phone numbers with 40 digits each
  • Allows alarm specific dialing
  • Multiple phone lists for day/night/weekend call scheduling

Dialing format Touch-tone, pulse, or auto-detect

Phone connector RJ11C

Local indications

  • Built in LCD display to show alarm dialing status
  • Dual-color LED indication for each input channel


  • Power Requirements 120 VAC, 60 Watts Max
  • Internal Battery Backup 12 hour Gel Cell with built-in charger


  • Operating Temperatures 32 - 120 degrees F
  • Operating Humidity 0 - 90%, non-condensing
  • Storage Temperatures 0 - 130 degrees F


  • Dimensions 14.4" x 12.4" x 7.3"
  • Weight 15 lbs.
  • Enclosure NEMA-4X fiberglass with latched window cover


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