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Sensaphone Model WSG30
Sensors and Accessories

sensaphone FGD-0067 FGD-0067
Sensaphone FGD-0222 FGD-0250
Sensaphone FGD-0302 FGD-0302
FGD-WSG30-4-20 FGD-WSG30-4-20
fgd-wsg30-tmp FGD-WSG30-TMP


Sensaphone WSG-30 Wireless Sensor Gateway System

  • Up to 30 wireless sensors can be monitored by the WSG-30 in addition to automatic power failure alarm detection and diagnostic alarms.
  • Sensors can be up to 300 feet away.
  • Creates its own Mesh Network so that sensors can be used as repeaters and routers.
  • The Wireless sensors can operate on standard AA batteries for up to 3 years.
  • If any sensor has a low battery or drops offline, a diagnostic alarm is generated and users are contacted.
  • All sensors are supervised with their battery level reported and monitored.
sensaphone 2800 wireless sensor

Sensaphone Model WSG30 Products

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Sensaphone WSG30 Wireless Sensor Gateway FGD-WSG30 Buy NOW

Sensaphone Model SAT4D Accessories

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Mini Surge Protector - Power and Phone FGD-0067 Buy NOW
Ethernet-to-WiFi Adapter Accessory FGD-0250 Buy NOW
4-20mA Type Differential Pressure Sensor FGD-0302 Buy NOW
WSG 4-20mA Wireless Sensor FGD-WSG30-4-20 Buy NOW
WSG Wireless Dry Contact Sensor FGD-WSG30-DRY Buy NOW
WSG Wireless Temperature Sensor w/Glass Bead Vial FGD-WSG30-GBV Buy NOW
WSG Wireless Temp w/Glass Bead & NIST FGDWSG30GBVNIST Buy NOW
WSG Wireless Temperature Sensor in Buffered Bottle FGDWSG30GLY Buy NOW
WSG Wireless Temperature Sensor in Buffered Bottle - NIST FGDWSG30GLYNIST Buy NOW
WSG Wireless Humidity Sensor FGD-WSG30-HUM Buy NOW
WSG Wireless Power Failure Sensor FGD-WSG30-PWR Buy NOW
WSG Wireless Temp w/ External Probe FGD-WSG30-TEX Buy NOW
WSG Wireless Humidity Sensor FGDWSG30TEXNIST Buy NOW
WSG Wireless Ultra Low Temperature Sensor w/External Probe & Teflon Cable FGD-WSG30-TEX85 Buy NOW
WSG Wireless Ultra Low Temperature Sensor w/External Probe & Teflon Cable FGDWSG30TEX85NIST Buy NOW
WSG Wireless Spot Water Sensor FGD-WSG30-SPOT Buy NOW
WSG Wireless Zone Water Sensor FGD-WSG30-ZONE Buy NOW
WSG Wireless Temperture Sensor FGD-WSG30-TMP Buy NOW

Sensaphone Model WSG30 (Sensaphone Introduces Wireless Sensors)

The WSG-30 is a unique wireless sensor monitoring system that can be used in more than one way. As a standalone system, it can monitor a variety of conditions from the wireless sensors and directly notify the appropriate personnel by sending emails and text messages.

- When running sensor wires is too expensive and/or inconvenient.

- When the monitoring environment is very dynamic with sensing needs changing often.

- To Transmit sensor information wirelessly to an existing HMI system.


  • Wireless Sensors
  • Alarms
  • Interfacing
  • Data Logging

Alarm Notification:

  • Eight User Profiles can be programmed with 4 Contact Methods for each one, for a total of 32 alarm notifications.
  • Each Contact Method can be an email or a text message.
  • When used in a data center environment, alarms can also be sent directly to Network Management Software using SNMP traps.

Alarm Scheduling and Selection:

  • Each sensor can be programmed with a schedule so that it is only monitored for alarms when you need it.
  • Even the alarm delivery to the users can be scheduled so that different people are notified for alarms depending on time of day and day of the week.
  • In addition to the flexible scheduling options, there is also the ability to have different people notified for different alarms. So, only the people responsible for a particular issue will be the ones who are notified.

Built In Alarms:

  • The WSG-30 comes with some built in alarms: Power Failure, Low Backup Battery, and Sensor Diagnostics for low sensor battery or sensor not responding.

Battery Backup:

  • The WSG-30 main unit includes an internal battery backup system that will power the device for up to two hours in case of a power failure.

Web Page:

  • The WSG-30 includes a built-in web server. Just browse to its web page for all programming, configuration, and access to current status. Even alarm history and data logging can be easily accessed through the web. Up to 64,000 time stamped records can be stored inside the WSG-30 to follow history and trends of the monitored conditions. Data log history can be accessed directly through the built in web page, exported in a standard format, or interfaced using XML.

Local Display:

  • For a quick local check of the sensors, there is a 4 line display and keypad interface right on the front. The status of all sensors can be easily and quickly viewed at anytime without the need for a computer.

Modbus Protocol:

  • Support for the Modbus protocol is included in the WSG-30. Third party automation software can be used to connect and pull data for all sensor values in real time.

SNMP Management:

  • The WSG-30 also allows full remote management using the SNMP protocol. All status values as well as programming parameters can be accessed using Get and Set commands from standard network management software.


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