Sensaphone IMS 1000

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Sensors and
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Sensaphone IMS 1000 Sensors and Accessories

sensaphone FGD-0067 FGD-0067
sensaphone FGD-0230 FGD-0230
sensaphone IMS-4402 IMS-4402
sensaphone IMS-4403 IMS-4403
sensaphone IMS-4404 IMS-4404
sensaphone IMS-4405 IMS-4405
sensaphone IMS-4410 IMS-4410
Sensaphone IMS-4421 IMS-4421
Sensaphone IMS-4810 IMS-4810
Sensaphone IMS-4811 IMS-4811
Sensaphone IMS-4812 IMS-4812
Sensaphone IMS-4813 IMS-4813
Sensaphone IMS-4814 IMS-4814
sensaphone IMS-4814-NIST IMS-4814-NIST
sensaphone IMS-4815 IMS-4815
sensaphone IMS-4816 IMS-4816
Sensaphone IMS-4820 IMS-4820
Sensaphone IMS-4821 IMS-4821
Sensaphone IMS-4830 IMS-4830
Sensaphone IMS-4831 IMS-4831
Sensaphone IMS-4840 IMS-4840
Sensaphone IMS-4841 IMS-4841
Sensaphone IMS-4842 IMS-4842
Sensaphone IMS-4850 IMS-4850
Sensaphone IMS-4851 IMS-4851
Sensaphone IMS-4860 IMS-4860
Sensaphone IMS-4861 IMS-4861
Sensaphone IMS-4862 IMS-4862
sensaphone IMS-4863 IMS-4863

Sensaphone IMS 1000

Built-in Power failure.

Inputs 8

Outputs 1 Relay.

Notifications E-mail, SNMP trap, and text message are standard. Voice phone call and fax with phone option.

Special Features Live webserver, rack mount, ethernet with optional phone backup, IP monitoring.

sensaphone IMS 1000

Sensaphone IMS 1000 Products

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Sensaphone IMS-1000 Single Room Monitoring Solution w/Modem IMS-1002 $895.50 Buy NOW
Sensaphone IMS-1000 Single Room Monitoring Solution w/Modem for 220VAC IMS-1002-INT $913.50 CALL

Sensaphone IMS 1000 Accessories

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Mini Surge Protector - Power and Phone FGD-0067 $17.10 Buy NOW
Bluetooth Cell Phone Interface FGD-0230 $107.10 Buy NOW
IMS 7' CAT5 Patch Cable Green IMS-4402  $4.95 Buy NOW
IMS 14' CAT5 Patch Cable Black IMS-4403  $8.55 Buy NOW
IMS 25' CAT5 Patch Cable Black IMS-4404  $13.95 Buy NOW
IMS RJ45 Cable Couplers (F/F) IMS-4405  $11.70 Buy NOW
Extra IMS-1000 Solution Manual IMS-4410  $26.96 Buy NOW
IMS Network Camera, Axis IMS-4423  $189.00 Buy NOW

Sensaphone IMS 1000 Sensors

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IMS Room Temperature Sensor IMS-4810  $80.10 Buy NOW
IMS Room Temperature Sensor (F) w/LCD Readout IMS-4811  $220.50 Buy NOW
IMS Mini Temperature Sensor IMS-4812  $62.10 Buy NOW
IMS Room Temperature Sensor ( C) w/LCD Readout IMS-4813  $220.50 Buy NOW
IMS Ultra Low Temperature Sensor -85 Deg C IMS-4814  $116.10 Buy NOW
IMS Ultra Low Temp Sensor w/Traceable Calibration Cert IMS-4814-NIST  $188.10 Buy NOW
IMS Temperature w/ Glass Bead Vial IMS-4815  $134.10 Buy NOW
IMS External Probe Temperature Sensor IMS-4816  $98.10 Buy NOW
IMS Humidity Sensor IMS-4820  $98.10 Buy NOW
IMS Humidity Sensor w/LCD Readout IMS-4821  $265.50 Buy NOW
IMS Water Sensor w/10' Water Rope IMS-4830  $125.10 Buy NOW
Extra 10' Water Detection Rope IMS-4831  $76.50 Buy NOW
IMS Power Sensor (110/220VAC) IMS-4840  $125.10 Buy NOW
IMS AC Current Sensor, up to 15 Amps, C13/C14 IMS-4841  $166.50 Buy NOW
IMS AC Current Sensor, up to 20 Amps, C19/C20 IMS-4842  $179.10 Buy NOW
IMS Dry Contact Bridge IMS-4850  $44.10 Buy NOW
IMS 4-20mA Bridge IMS-4851  $143.10 Buy NOW
IMS Door Switch IMS-4860  $53.10 Buy NOW
IMS Passive Infrared Motion Sensor IMS-4861  $80.10 Buy NOW
IMS Smoke Detector IMS-4862  $80.10 Buy NOW
IMS Airflow Sensor IMS-4863  $107.10 Buy NOW

Sensaphone IMS 1000

The New IMS-1000 offers web-based monitoring for everyone

Sensaphone's latest development, the IMS-1000, provides a flexible, web-based monitoring system for many applications. It connects to any Ethernet network and has a built in web server for viewing status, making programming changes, and reviewing data log history. Up to eight sensors can be connected to monitor a wide variety of conditions including temperature, humidity, physical security, smoke, fire, power, etc. The IMS 1000 is perfect for cold storage applications and even accepts a new –85 Deg C temperatures sensor. It also includes one relay output to switch a local device on or off depending on alarm activity. Power failure monitoring is built-in along with a rechargeable battery backup.

Alarm notification is delivered by sending e-mail messages and text messages. An upgrade is available to also include a telephone connection that adds custom voice alarm phone calls. With the phone option users can also call in for a voice status just like most other Sensaphone products.

If the Sensaphone IMS-1000 is going to be used in a computer room, additional computer room features are also built-in. IP device monitoring is included to monitor the proper functioning of the servers on your network. Alarms can also be sent via snmp traps, and all programming parameters are accessible through theSensaphone IMS-1000 SNMP agent.


The all new Sensaphone IMS-1000 Infrastructure Monitoring System makes it easy to monitor your critical facilities. It can monitor a wide variety of conditions and provides a web page view of your environment.

Plug in Sensors Web interface E-mail messages Text messages Optional voice phone call alarms Built in data logger Relay output No monthly fees No dependencies Video camera integration IP alarms Battery Backup

Easy Set Up:
All of the sensors for the Sensaphone IMS-1000 use standard computer patch cables (Cat-5). Just snap in the connector and you're done. The sensors are automatically detected by the 1000 and even self configured. There are no screw terminals to deal with and no wire stripping to worry about. Just plug and go.

Easy Programming:
A simple fill in the blank web page is provided for all of your detailed programming of the 1000. It only takes a few minutes to type in the monitoring parameters and contact methods.

Easy Status View:
The single click web summary provides a quick summary of all your monitored conditions. Go to the web page and check the summary as often as you like to verify that everything is okay.

Easy History and Trend Information:
The Sensaphone IMS-1000 system stores important information for later viewing. This includes the details of alarm events and even periodic snapshots of all of the monitored conditions. This information can be viewed at anytime from the automatically generated web page. You can view single-click quick trends for each monitored condition, or even create a custom history view to see exactly what has been going on at your facility.


  • Power Failure
  • Temperature - even ultra low freezers down to –85 Deg C
  • Water on Floor
  • Smoke, fire
  • Humidity
  • Security – doors, motions
  • AC current
  • Air Flow
  • Third party bridge to dry contacts and 4-20mA transducers



Shipping Weight 8 lbs.
Dimensions 14"w x 1.75"h x 7"d
Telephone Connection (IMS-1002 Only) FCC approved RJ-11 plug-in modular connector with 6' cord
Operating Temperature Range Unit should be kept between 32° F and 122°F
Status LEDS System ON, Battery OK, Output ON, Alarm
USB Ports (1) For Future Expansion (not yet available)


1 EIA rack-mount 1 EIA rack-mount Rack Requirements: Standard 19" equipment rack with supplied mounting bracket hardware. Requires 1.0 EIA rack mount space.

Tabletop Tabletop requirements: Flat area which can support an enclosure 14" wide by 7" deep by 2"high.

IMS-1000 Operating Specifications

Temperature 32–122°F
Humidity 5-90% RH non-condensing
Power Supply 115VAC 60HZ 9VDC / 1 Amp
Power Consumption 10 Watts
Power Connection 2.1mm x 10mm jack
Backup Battery 6V 3.4AH sealed lead acid
Backup Time 3.5 Hours
Battery Service Life Under normal operating conditions, three to four years of dependable service life can be expected or between 200 and 1000 charge/discharge cycles, depending on the average depth of discharge.

IMS-1000 Communications Specifications

Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, 10/100Mbps
Modem (IMS-1002 Only) Voice / Modem 33.6Kbps, Fax Group 3, 14.4Kbps
Voice Processor (IMS-1002 Only) Yes
Recordable Voice (IMS-1002 Only) Yes, up to 30 custom messages

IMS-1000 Environmental Monitoring

Internal Monitoring AC Power (True RMS Voltage), Backup Battery Level
IP Device Monitoring up to 16 IP/Port Services
Number of Sensor Ports 8
Sensor Types Temperature, Humidity, Water, Power, Current, Infrared Motion, Smoke, Dry Contact, 4-20mA
Temperature Sensing Range -109º F to 150º F with remote temperature sensor, NRTL listed for compliance with U.L. Standard 60950-1
Sensor Input Connector RJ-45
Sensor Cables CAT-5, 568B
Cable Length 1000'
Visual Indicators LEDs, Normal and Alarm

Output Relays
Number Of Outputs 1
Output Type SPDT (Form C) Latching, 1A 30VAC or 1A 24VDC
Output Mode Manual, Automatic on alarm
Warranty 3-year Limited Warranty


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