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isco isco refrigirated sampler

Refrigerated Samplers

Isco developed the first refrigerated sampler designed to be used outdoors without an enclosure, and continues to set the standards for weather and corrosion resistance.

The all-new Isco 4700 Refrigerated Sampler is purpose-built to survive outdoors for wastewater compliance monitoring.

Our 6712FR refrigerator gives you field-proven, trouble-free sample preservation and dependability in harsh environments, along with the most advanced sampler controller available.


isco isco sampler

Specialty Samplers

Isco offers a wide range of accessories and customization capabilities to adapt our samplers for practically any application.

We also offer purpose-designed samplers for two specialized application areas: refrigerated sampling in hazardous areas up to Class 1, Div 1; and sampling of environmental water to be tested for specific radioactive contaminants.

Hazardous Location Samplers
3700ZR Class 1, Div 1 Refrigerated Sampler
Designed for Safety – UL Approved

Monitoring radioactive contaminants in water
Expose Empore™ Rad Disks in the field - avoid transport of water samples into the lab.
3710 RLS Sampler
Simplifies monitoring for radionuclides in water


isco isco 700

700 Series Modules

Now you can collect samples and measure flow or water quality parameters with one advanced sampler. Simply plug one of the 700 Series Modules into your 6700 Series Sampler (including 6712 and Avalanche models) to add the capability you need. These environmentally-sealed modules can be interchanged in the field, and can be added to your Isco system at any time. The 700 Series Modules bring “Plug and Play” to the world of water quality monitoring!


isco isco 700

750 Area Velocity Flow Module

Area Velocity - no weir or flume needed! Handles submerged, surcharged, and reverse flow.

The sensor on the 750 module uses patented Doppler technology to directly measure average velocity in the flow stream. An integral pressure transducer measures liquid depth to determine flow area. The 6712 sampler then calculates flow rate by multiplying the area of the flow stream by its average velocity.

The 750 gives you greater accuracy in applications where weirs or flumes are not practical, or where submerged, full pipe, surcharged and reverse flow conditions may occur. With area velocity you don’t have to estimate the slope and roughness of the channel. And Isco’s exclusive 500 kHz Doppler penetrates farther into deep flow streams than 1 MHz systems, whose shorter wavelength can cause them to give “nearsighted” velocity measurement in typical wastewater applications. The Doppler system continuously profiles the flow stream, eliminating profiling and calibration required by electromagnetic systems.



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