Sensaphone SCADA 3000

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Sensors and
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Sensaphone Model SCADA 3000
Sensors and Accessories

sensaphone FGD-3010 FGD-3010
sensaphone FGD-3020 FGD-3020
sensaphone FGD-3040 FGD-3040
sensaphone FGD-3050 FGD-3050
Sensaphone FGD-0010 FGD-0010
sensaphone FGD-3100 FGD-3100
sensaphone FGD-3110 FGD-3110
sensaphone FGD-3200 FGD-3200
sensaphone FGD-3210 FGD-3210
sensaphone FGD-3220 FGD-3220
sensaphone FGD-0051 FGD-0051
sensaphone FGD-0300 FGD-0300
sensaphone FGD-0205 FGD-0205
sensaphone FGD-0220 FGD-0220
sensaphone FGD-0221 FGD-0221
sensaphone FGD-0006 FGD-0006
Sensaphone FGD-0007 FGD-0007
Sensaphone FGD-0013 FGD-0013
Sensaphone FGD-0022 FGD-0022
Sensaphone FGD-0027 FGD-0027
Sensaphone FGD-0049B FGD-0049-B
sensaphone FGD-0049-B-220V FGD-0049-B-220V
sensaphone FGD-0052


sensaphone FGD-0053 FGD-0053
Sensaphone FGD-0054 FGD-0054
Sensaphone FGD-0056 FGD-0056
sensaphone FGD-0063 FGD-0063
sensaphone FGD-0065 FGD-0065
sensaphone FGD-0066 FGD-0066
sensaphone FGD-0068 FGD-0068
sensaphone FGD-0102 FGD-0102
sensaphone FGD-0103 FGD-0103
sensaphone FGD-0104 FGD-0104
sensaphone FGD-0105 FGD-0105
Sensaphone FGD-0222 FGD-0222

Sensaphone SCADA 3000
(comes with 32-bit software system complete with a real-time screen builder)

Built-in: 16 Universal inputs included. Expandable up to 144 total I/O points.

Inputs: 8 Relay outputs included. Expandable up to 144 total I/O points.

Outputs: 1 universal relay, 2 pump control relays.

Notifications: Programmable Voice, Fax, Cell Phone/Alpha Pager Text Message, Numeric Pager, Modem, E-mail.

Special Features: Ladder, ‘C’, and PID control options; web page generation; data logging, HMI screen builder.

sensaphone scada 3000

Sensaphone SCADA 3000 PRODUCTS

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SCADA 3000 Main Unit FGD-3000 $2,425.50 Buy NOW

Sensaphone SCADA 3000 Accessories

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SCADA 3000 Universal Input Module FGD-3010  $576.00 Buy NOW
SCADA 3000 Pulse Count Input Module FGD-3020  $306.00 Buy NOW
SCADA 3000 Relay Output Module FGD-3040  $387.00 Buy NOW
SCADA 3000 Analog Output Module FGD-3050  $472.50 Buy NOW
Accessory Wire FGD-0010 $9.00 Buy NOW
SCADA 3000 Power Supply, 110/220VAC Hard Wired FGD-3100 $134.10 Buy NOW
SCADA 3000 Power Supply, 100/VAC Plug-in with Cord FGD-3110  $94.50 Buy NOW
SCADA 3000 5Ah Battery Backup FGD-3200  $49.50 Buy NOW
SCADA 3000 18 Ah Battery Backup FGD-3210  $130.50 Buy NOW
SCADA 3000 Spare Fuse Kit FGD-3220  $22.50 Buy NOW
SCADA 3000 4-Conductor RS-485 Cable, per foot FGD-0051  $4.50 Buy NOW
Ethernet Kit for Sensaphone 2000 or SCADA 3000 FGD-0300  $179.10 Buy NOW
Multi-Point Wireless I/O FGD-0205 $1192.50 Buy NOW
J Type Thermocouple/4-20mA Converter FGD-0220 $314.10 Buy NOW
USB to RS-232 Converter FGD-0221  $27.00 Buy NOW

Sensaphone SCADA 3000 Sensors

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Magnetic Reed Switch FGD-0006 $9.00 Buy NOW
Infra-Red Motion Detector FGD-0007 $71.10 Buy NOW
Spot Water Detector FGD-0013 $81.00 Buy NOW
Temp Alert FGD-0022 $67.50 Buy NOW
Humidistat FGD-0027 $36.00 Buy NOW
Smoke Detector 110VAC with Battery Backup FGD-0049-B $58.50 Buy NOW
Smoke Detector 220V FGD-0049-220V $62.10 Buy NOW
Humidity 4-20mA Transmitter FGD-0052  $143.10 Buy NOW
24VDC Power Supply (for FGD-0065) FGD-0053 $41.39 Buy NOW
PowerOut Alert MODEL PS-110 FGD-0054 $53.10 Buy NOW
Zone Water Detector FGD-0056 $121.50 Buy NOW
Extra 10' Water Detection Rope FGD-0063 $76.50 Buy NOW
Carbon Monoxide Detector FGD-0065 $197.10 Buy NOW
Air Quality Sensor FGD-0066 $134.10 Buy NOW
Carbon Dioxide Sensor FGD-0068 $206.10 Buy NOW
10K Weatherproof Temperature Sensor FGD-0102  $27.00 Buy NOW
10 K Indoor Decorator Zone Temperature Sensor FGD-0103  $36.00 Buy NOW
10K Outdoor Air Weatherproof Temperature Sensor FGD-0104  $63.00 Buy NOW
10K Immersion Temperature Sensor FGD-0105  $54.00 Buy NOW
Float Switch FGD-0222 $35.10 Buy NOW

Sensaphone SCADA 3000
(comes with 32-bit software system complete with a real-time screen builder)

The SCADA 3000 is the most advanced system in our industrial line of Sensaphones. Everything—including the software— comes in one comprehensive package for all the sophisticated control, alarm, and data logging capability you will ever need.

Flexible communication options allow the SCADA 3000 RTU to communicate with a host PC through standard RS-232 serial, radio modem, ordinary telephone lines, or a mix of all three. The Sensaphone SCADA 3000 will call you using your own pre-recorded voice messages to alert you to the situation, or contact you via fax, text message, numeric pager, or e-mail. Each Sensaphone SCADA 3000 starts with 16 universal inputs and 8 relay outputs, but the system can grow as the needs of your application grow — up to 144 I/O points. Expansion I/O modules are available to add more universal inputs, pulse count inputs, relay outputs or analog outputs. Standard with each Sensaphone SCADA 3000 is a powerful 32-bit software application that includes separate modules for RTU programming, Real-Time HMI screen design, Ladder and C control program editing, and automated retrieval of Data and Event log records. This versatile Windows®-compatible software contains all the tools you’ll need to manage your SCADA 3000 units.




  • Eight universal inputs, configurable as Normally Open, Normally Closed, Temperature, or 4-20mA.
  • Easy-to-install with fully automatic input configuration. NO INPUT JUMPERS!
  • Scaleable range on 4-20mA analog inputs
  • Programmable recognition time for all inputs
  • Internal sensor calibration for all inputs


  • One output channel for manual or automatic control from alarms
  • Two additional outputs for duplex pump control


  • Built-in Pump Controller runs independently from alarm monitoring
  • Control logic for Fill or Drain applications
  • Pump control works with analog level sensor, or from float switches


  • Eight phone numbers for alarm notification
  • Custom voice messages for the ID and ALL monitored zones
  • Text based alarm messages to alphanumeric pagers, and cell phones
  • Dial out test function to simulate and verify alarm notification
  • Individual user acknowledgement codes for tracking alarm activity


  • Keypad and speaker for local programming
  • LED status indicators for all inputs and outputs, Battery, Power, Phone, and Pump Control Mode
  • Password protected keypad to restrict local programming access
  • Detailed alarm history with optional 30-minute snapshot history of all zones


  • Automatic Web status option, free for first year
  • Detailed alarm history with optional hourly snapshot history of all zones


  • High sound alarm with remote listen-in
  • Packaged in a panel mount enclosure with built-in mounting tabs
  • NEMA-4X enclosure optional
  • Superior lightning protection
  • Three year warranty



Number of Zones: 8
Zone Connector terminal block
Zone Types N.O./N.C. contact, 2.8K and 10K thermistor (-20 to 150 deg F), and 4-20mA (-10,000 to 10,000)
Zone characteristics 10K. to 5V (temperature/contact) or 237 Ohms to ground (4-20mA)
A/D Converter Resolution 10 bits ±2 LSB
Zone Protection Gas discharge tubes, PTC fuses, and fast acting diode clamps


Internal for recording custom voice messages
External(optional) For listening-in to on-site sounds and high sound level alarms
Mic Connector terminal block
Mic Type Electret Condenser
Mic Impedance 2.2K


Terminals connection to a two-wire analog telephone line
(8) Zone Alarms, Sound, Power, Battery OK, Phone in Use, Output On, and System On



Level Sensor Optically isolated 4–20mA input for connecting to a well-level transducer.
Float Inputs (3) Optically isolated dry contact inputs for connecting to float switches


2A 120VAC/2A 24VDC: Programmable for duplex alternating pump control in Fill or Drain mode



Power Supply 120VAC/12VAC 60Hz 10W wall plug-in transformer
Power Consumption 5 Watts
Power Protection Metal Oxide Varistor
Battery Backup 12V rechargeable (optional)
24V Output 24VDC 40mA max.


Operating Temperature 32-122 deg F (0-50 deg C)
Operating Humidity 0-90% RH non-condensing
Storage Temperature 32-140 deg F


Dimensions 10.5"h x 8.3"w x 1.8"d
Weight 3.5 lbs
Enclosure Aluminum housing with integral mounting flanges for wall or panel installation.


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