Sensaphone CELL682 Wireless Alarms

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Sensors and
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Sensaphone Model CELL682
Sensors and Accessories

sensaphone FGD-CELL1Y FGD-CELL1Y
Sensaphone FGD-0010 FGD-0010
sensaphone FGD-0067 FGD-0067
sensaphone FGD-0205 FGD-0205
Sensaphone FGD-0220 FGD-0220
Sensaphone FGD-0221 FGD-0221
sensaphone FGD-0006 FGD-0006
Sensaphone FGD-0007 FGD-0007
Sensaphone FGD-0013 FGD-0013
Sensaphone FGD-0022 FGD-0022
Sensaphone FGD-0027 FGD-0027
Sensaphone FGD-0049 FGD-0049
sensaphone FGD-0049-B-220V FGD-0049-B-220V
sensaphone FGD-0052


Sensaphone FGD-0054 FGD-0054
Sensaphone FGD-0056 FGD-0056
sensaphone FGD-0063 FGD-0063
sensaphone FGD-0065 FGD-0065
sensaphone FGD-0066 FGD-0066
sensaphone FGD-0068 FGD-0068
Sensaphone FGD-0100 FGD-0100
Sensaphone FGD-0101 FGD-0101
sensaphone FGD-0101-NIST FGD-0101-NIST
sensaphone FGD-0101-TEF FGD-0101-TEF
sensaphone FGD-0102 FGD-0102
sensaphone FGD-0103 FGD-0103
sensaphone FGD-0104 FGD-0104
sensaphone FGD-0105 FGD-0105
sensaphone FGD-0107 FGD-0107
Sensaphone FGD-0222 FGD-0222

Sensaphone CELL682 Wireless Alarms

Inputs: 6 analog inputs and 8 dry contact inputs.

Alarm Notifications: E-mail messages, cell phone and pager text messages and custom voice phone calls.

Outputs: 2 relay.

Special Features: The Cell682 is packaged for outdoor use in a Nema-4X housing, and even includes battery backup. A website is provided for status, history, alarm response programming, and manual output control.

sensaphone cell682

Sensaphone CELL682 Products

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Sensaphone Cell682 w/3G Modem on AT&T w/Clear Door FGD-C682-3GATCD  $1,255.50 CALL
Sensaphone Cell682 w/3G Modem on AT&T w/Solid Door FGD-C682-3GATSD  $1,255.50 CALL
Sensaphone Cell682 w/3G Modem on T-Mobile w/Clear Door FGD-C682-3GTMCD  $1,255.50 CALL
Sensaphone Cell682 w/3G Modem on T-Mobile w/Solid Door FGD-C682-3GTMSD  $1,255.50 CALL
Sensaphone Cell682 w/3G Modem on Rogers Wireless w/Clear Door FGD-C682-3GRWCD  $1,255.50 CALL
Sensaphone Cell682 w/3G Modem on Rogers Wireless w/Solid Door FGD-C682-3GRWSD  $1,255.50 CALL

Sensaphone CELL682 Accessories

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Accessory Wire FGD-0010 $9.00 Buy NOW
Mini Surge Protector - Power and Phone FGD-0067 $17.10 Buy NOW
Multi-Point Wireless I/O FGD-0205 $1192.50 Buy NOW
J Type Thermocouple/4-20mA Converter FGD-0220 $314.10 Buy NOW
USB to RS-232 Converter FGD-0221 $27.00 Buy NOW

Sensaphone CELL682 Sensors

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Magnetic Reed Switch FGD-0006 $9.00 Buy NOW
Infra-Red Motion Detector FGD-0007 $71.10 Buy NOW
Spot Water Detector FGD-0013 $81.00 Buy NOW
Temp Alert FGD-0022 $67.50 Buy NOW
Humidistat FGD-0027 $36.00 Buy NOW
Smoke Detector 110VAC with Battery Backup FGD-0049-B $58.50 Buy NOW
Smoke Detector 220V FGD-0049-220V $62.10 Buy NOW
Humidity 4-20mA Transmitter FGD-0052  $143.10 Buy NOW
PowerOut Alert MODEL PS-110 FGD-0054 $53.10 Buy NOW
Zone Water Detector FGD-0056 $121.50 Buy NOW
Extra 10' Water Detection Rope FGD-0063 $76.50 Buy NOW
Carbon Monoxide Detector FGD-0065 $197.10 Buy NOW
Air Quality Sensor FGD-0066 $134.10 Buy NOW
Carbon Dioxide Sensor FGD-0068 $206.10 Buy NOW
Remote Temperature Sensor 2.8K FGD-0100 $27.00 Buy NOW
2.8K Weatherproof Temperature FGD-0101 $27.00 Buy NOW
2.8K Weatherproof Temp Sensor w/Traceable Calibration Certificate FGD-0101-NIST $117.00 Buy NOW
2.8K Ultra Low -85C Temp Sensor w/Teflon wire FGD-0101-TEF $45.00 Buy NOW
2.8K Ultra Low -85C Temp w/Teflon & NIST Calibration FGD-0101TEFNIST $135.00 Buy NOW
10K Weatherproof Temperature Sensor FGD-0102  $27.00 Buy NOW
10 K Indoor Decorator Zone Temperature Sensor FGD-0103  $36.00 Buy NOW
10K Outdoor Air Weatherproof Temperature Sensor FGD-0104  $63.00 Buy NOW
10K Immersion Temperature Sensor FGD-0105  $54.00 Buy NOW
2.8K Temperature Sensor with glass bead vial FGD-0107 $49.50 Buy NOW
2.8K Weatherproof Temp w/Traceable Calibration Cert & Glass Bead Vial FGD-0107-NIST $139.50 Buy NOW
2.8K Ultra Low -85C Temp Sensor w/Glass Bead & Teflon FGD-0107-TEF $67.50 Buy NOW
2.8K Ultra Low -85C Temp wGlass Bead, Teflon & NIST Calibration FGD-0107TEFNIST $157.50 Buy NOW
Float Switch FGD-0222 $35.10 Buy NOW

CELL682 Wireless Alarms The ultimate choice for remote monitoring and control where telephone lines are non–existent or too expensive.

The latest addition to the Sensaphone wireless series of remote monitoring solutions is the Cell682. It can be placed at a remote, unmanned facility to detect a variety of potential equipment problems, and can even perform some output control. It uses standard cellular technology to communicate with the Sensaphone servers. If a telephone line is not already in place, the cellular communications in the Sensaphone Cell682 can provide a convenient, reliable, and cost effective method to monitor a remote facility. The Sensaphone Cell682 provides an assortment of sensor input options to handle many different types of sensors and conditions to monitor. Two relay outputs are also included in the Cell682 for local control.

sensaphone cell682 alarm

A full alarm history is available on the CELL682 website


6 Analog Inputs:

Can accept any 4-20mA analog transducer.
Input range can be custom scaled to measure in real engineering units.
Thermistors can be connected directly to accurately measure temperature.

8 Dry Contact Inputs:

Each channel can be normally open or normally closed.
Any input can be configured to accumulate run time.

2 Relay Outputs:

Manually controlled through website.
Automatically switched when an alarm occurs.
Built in duplex pump control logic.
Alarms can automatically initiate an output response to a different location.

Alarm Notification

When an input channel detects an alarm, or out of range condition, there is an immediate communication from the Cell682 out to the redundant Sensaphone servers to process the alarm. The appropriate people are then contacted immediately by the Sensaphone servers using the following methods:

E-mail messages
Cell phone and pager text messages
Custom voice phone calls



Communications: GSM Cellelar Wireless Technology, 90+% Wireless Coverage

Inputs: 6 - Analog 4-20mA Inputs, 8 - Contact Closure Inputs, 2 - Relay Outputs, Run Time Accumulation, Temperature Measurement

Alarm Delivery: E-Mail – SMTP, E–mail Alarm Notification, Text Message Alarm Notification, Voice Phone Call Alarm Notification, 24 - Alarm Notification Destinations

Other Details: E-Mail – SMTP, Website Programming Access, 12VDC Power Requirement, Duplex Pump Control Logic, Peer to Peer Control Logic, NEMA4X Enclosure Rating, -30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°F) Operating Conditions


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