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When a customer trades in their working FLO-DAR system with the purchase of
a new ISCO LaserFlow System, they will be eligible for a
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smc Alternative Fuel Vehicle Maintenance and
Transportation Infrastructure Safety.

MCR Technologies is pleased to announce that effective immediately we will be representing Sierra Monitor Corporation in the Alternative Fuel and Transportation markets in Southern California and Clark County Nevada.

This new opportunity provides MCR Technologies’ customers with solutions for Alternative Fuel Vehicle Maintenance and Transportation Infrastructure Safety.

Sierra Monitor is a manufacturer of Fire and Gas Detection Solutions for facilities ranging from small CNG filling stations to fleet maintenance buildings, wastewater lift stations to wastewater plants, compressors, pipelines, refineries and even data rooms and cell tower huts present a common set of risks of hazard gas.   Combustible gases such as natural gas (Methane) or Hydrogen represent a risk for facilities due to fire or explosion. Toxic gases including Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Chlorine and many others represent a risk to personnel, while inert gases such as Nitrogen can cause Oxygen displacement leading to asphyxiation.

Gas Detectors

Fire Detectors

Fire and Gas Detection Controllers

Unlike most fire and gas vendors, we also include our leading FieldServer multi-protocol gateways to connect our Sentry IT system to the appropriate BAS, SCADA system or PLC, and to the cloud for remote monitoring, control, and big data analytics.

FieldServer Gateways

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