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Hand Held Configuration Devices (calibrator)

We offer a complete family of Hand Held products to suit your needs.

The DHH810-MFT Calibrator & Communicator is a microprocessor based battery powered handheld terminal designed to calibrate, configure, and troubleshoot HART® instruments. It supports ABB instruments as well as those from major third-party suppliers. Users can view up to four simultaneous measurements on the high resolution LCD or compare HART PV and AO values to corresponding values measured by the NIST traceable DHH810-MFT. Available sensor modules include temperature and a variety of differential, gauge, vacuum & absolute pressure. A voltage and current meter is integral to the base unit. All HART field devices can be configured, polled & trimmed using HART communications. Device Specific commands for supported devices are included with the DHH810-MFT.

The DHH810-MFT Calibrator stores up to 200 HART configuration files and over 100 calibration results.

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